Frequently Asked Questions, Huntsville Comic Con 2019



The Huntsville Comic Con at Lowe Mill A&E

What’s the admission price?

$15 for one day, or even better, $20 for two days. You can buy tickets at the gate or in advance HERE.

What’s the VIP price?

We will be adding a VIP pricing page. The VIP tickets will be very customizable this year with many options. You can upgrade your tickets to VIP on arrival at the Admissions Gate at Door #4. VIP will only be available at the con; sorry, no advance VIP sales.

Are kids free?

Yes, kids 10 years old and under get in free!

What is Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment?

It’s a restored cotton mill, home to hundreds of working artists! Find out all about it on their site:

Where is Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment?

Is the Huntsville Comic Con at Lowe Mill A&E a friendly con? Will I feel comfortable there? Will my non-geek friend find something to enjoy?

We’ve designed it to be fun and comfortable for everyone, geek or non-geek! HCC and Lowe Mill A&E takes pride in being welcoming, inclusive, and safe. Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is one of the most visited locations in Huntsville even when the Con isn’t going on. The con never gets too crowded, so there’s no press of people like at Dragon*Con. The venue is a 171,000 sq. ft. restored cotton mill, after all. It’s huge! Lowe Mill A&E is very welcoming of everyone. There will be many newbies there with you if you’re new to the con scene. We’re really proud to have introduced many people to their first comic con. Our staff is visible all around the Mill and the many Lowe Mill studios are available to help you out if you need ANYTHING. Our show’s motto is “The Con Where Even Non-Geeks Have Fun!”

Are the Lowe Mill A&E studios, restaurants, and other businesses open during the Con?

Absolutely! It’s part of the unique charm of our show. We’re really appreciative of the great support from the people at the Mill. You won’t find any expensive and badly-prepared concessions food at Lowe Mill A&E… We have the best food and drink in all of Huntsville right here at the con.

So I’ll have plenty of places to eat and go to the bathroom, stuff like that?

Yes! There are many bathrooms on every floor. There are many great restaurants, a coffee shop, a tea shop, a chocolate shop… It’s a real party! We even have a Maid Cafe! You won’t need to leave the venue for any reason during the show.

Why is the con on Friday and not Sunday?

Lowe Mill A&E is not open for business on Sundays and thus not available for a con at that time.

I’ve heard dealer’s prices at cons get raised for the shows. Is that the case at HCC?

While you always have to check prices, even at WalMart, our dealers are career professionals. These vendors literally make their living by giving con attendees great deals. If they didn’t, they’d have long ago gone out of business! They’re here to sell and many are open to a little wheeling and dealing, especially if you buy a lot of stuffs.

What’s a Cosplay Show and is it fun for the whole family?

A Cosplay show is like a competition for the best costume. We usually have dozens of competitors and every one gets to be on stage! Our judges are costuming and wardrobe professionals. Our usual emcee, Chris Burns, is a professional actor who has been on the Walking Dead and many other shows. It takes about an hour and everyone enjoys it, from small kids to seniors marvelling at “those crazy young people”! This year we have an amazing Star Wars themed preshow featuring both the Saber Legion AND the 501st Legion!

Does the Cosplay Show cost extra? Does anything at the show cost extra?

There is no charge for the Cosplay Contest for badge holders. There are some optional VIP ticket upgrades and our limited attendance workshops have a set charge. But we try to keep our show very affordable. To that end, ALL our guests will sign at least one thing (if you bring it to them) for free! The Cosplay Show is free! Parking is FREE this year! Special events like the Maid Cafe (Where you order food) and the Workshops are individually priced, but you get an entire con experience for your admission price. That said, we hope you find lots of crazy cool things to buy from our great vendors and artists!

I’m new to cons. What do I do at the Con?

Well, that’s a great question we all-too-often forget to answer! A Comic Con is a great place to meet artists, writers, actors, creators, makers, and other geek professionals. These creators are people whose names you might have seen in a bookstore or whose faces you may remember from television, films, or the interwebs. We have panels (live interviews with Q&A sessions) where we interview some of our celebrity guests and you can ask them questions. You can get the guests to sign items, either ones they are selling or one you bring to them to sign (which will be free for the first item!). For creatives, there’s a whole slew of exciting workshops on Friday. We have a select group of amazing retailers offering everything from buttons and bath bombs to comics from the Golden Age to movie posters to toys to, well, everything! Not to mention that there are over 100 working artist studios at Lowe Mill, all open for you to visit! You won’t be bored, more likely you’ll find there’s a lot more to do than you can fit in a day. You’ll REALLY want to come both days, and we don’t say that just to make the extra five bucks. The show is designed to offer unique things each day and Lowe Mill A&E is HUGE… I mean REALLY BIG. At it’s full to the gills with the HCC and the regular Mill studios. For more information, check out our comprehensive Schedule of Events.