Cosplay for 2019 – Huntsville Comic Con at Lowe Mill A&E

HCC loves Cosplay! Our Cosplay Contests, done in association with the amazing North Alabama Cosplayers Club, have been one of the most popular parts of our convention. As you can see from these amazing photos, we’ve had some spectacular contestants. Our Cosplayers have been amazingly entertaining and a true joy to have on our stage. So don’t miss our Cosplay Contest on Saturday, with our pre-show starting at 4 pm and the Cosplay Contest starting at 5 pm! It’s going to be EPIC!

And yes, the PET COSPLAY is an official part of our Cosplay Show now! The reaction to the pets last year was incredible and we really wanted to keep this unique Cosplay category as part of our show!


Please find our schedule, rules, and Contest details HERE.

For Pet Cosplayers, please check HERE! 

Visit the North Alabama Cosplayers Club to be part of the best and most supportive Cosplay Club!