Vendors List for Huntsville Comic Con 2018



Many more vendors coming, so check back often as this list will be continually updating.


Aardvark Tees: Hundreds of T-shirts for the Geeks and Fans of Gaming, Comics, Movies, and TV.

ASK Toys & More: Thousands of the Hottest Action Figures (Marvel Legends, DC Direct, Vintage, New, Variants). Largest Toy dealer in Georgia!

BEAMBA ARTS: Original Paintings, sketches, and prints for sale.

Ben’s Comics: Thousands of bargain $1 comics! Marvel, DC, Image, Independents.

Brix-N-Clix:  Anime & Pop Culture Merchandise, T-Shirts, Lanyards, Wallets, Keychains, Mugs, Manga Books.

Dave’s Comics & Collectibles: The Hottest Comics, Graphic Novels, Toys & Statues, Godzilla Items, Dragon Ball, and more! One of the Largest Comic Dealers in Georgia!

Exile Into Imagination: Over 900 different buttons, dozens of posters, hundreds of T-shirts featuring Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural , Gaming, and other assorted geeky goodness.

Fantasy Art Comics: Comic Books and Prints, all based on Original Characters.

Fantasy Dragon: Pop Culture and Anime focused Clocks, Figures, Umbrellas, Disney VHS, Vintage Wrestling Collectibles, DVDS, Figures.

Fresh Baked Pottery: Small Prints and Art made from kiln fired clay.

K.E. Toys: One of the largest Star Wars toys dealers in the U.S. (vintage and modern) , PLU Vintage & New Transformers, G.I. Joe , and also Comics (hot titles and vintage) , and comic supplies.

Lula Cosplay: Artist making Pop Culture, Cosplay-Related, and Geeky Accessories. Lolita Accessories, hair bows, jewelry, cat ears and tails.

Mike’s Comics: Great selection of Comics. Specialist in Rare Comics of the Silver and Bronze Ages.

Paintings by Dimitri: Original Acrylic Paintings and Art Prints

Posters & Comics: Hundreds of the Hottest Posters (Star Wars, Dr. Who, Anime, Comic Characters, Gaming), Pokemon Cards & Toys, Yu Gi Oh Cards. Thousands of $2 Comic Books (Batman to X-Men). Thousands of Skateboard Stickers.

Princess Pumpkin Patch: Mixed 3D media shop that specializes in Plushies, Flower Crowns, Cross-Stitched items such as wall hanging, keychains, patches, and earrings, as well as hair bows and top-hats.

Starbase 1552  Comics & Toys LLC: Thousands of $1 Comic Books and Hundreds of Toys.

Steam Powered Arts: Hand-made Steampunk inspired jewelry, goggles, Steampunk Sound Box systems.

Tokyo Toybox: 100% Licensed Anime, Video Game, and Pop Culture Merchandise! Items include plush, pillows, figures, phone charms, keychains, lanyards, pins, grab boxes, and other fun stuff.



PARATUS Space Exploration Simulator (feat. Rob Adams) Come check out the newest and most exciting space exploration simulator! For more infotation: Paratus Universe


MASTERMIND MODELS AND MINIATURES (feat. Clay Williams), Studio 124



LIGHTNING AND LACE Studio 129 – Emmie Mayne, owner. Emmie is an avid cosplayer with over ten years of experience. Graduate of Industrial Design from Auburn University, her full-time Etsy shop, Lightning and Lace, is geared towards creating accessories and small props used by cosplayers the world over. Her constant wish is to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and the cosplayers who would benefit from using them, such as laser cutting and 3D printing. Find her as one of the judges for the cosplay events on Friday night!

ARTIMAPS (feat. David Nuttall), Studio 308


THE HAPPY TUMMY Official Convention Restaurant, Studio 100


SUZY’s POPS – Stop by for a fantastic frozen treat. Studio 2060


AMANDA BANKS – Upcycled artwork made out of paper and pop culture – Studio 257




ERIN MICHAEL, SILVERSMITH – Stunning hand-crafted jewelry! Astoundingly unique geek-themed items, many featured on television! – Studio 128


GUADALUPE ROBINSON: Pottery and Quilting located in Railroad Car #1


Piper and Leaf Tea Some of the finest tea anywhere. Studio 151