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The Walking Dead’s MELISSA COWAN, Actress:

Melissa Cowan is an actress, most famous as the “Bicycle Girl” zombie from the first episode of “The Walking Dead”. She is also known for her appearances in Goosebumps (2015), Level 7 (2013) and R: Rage of the Zombies (2017). As with all our guests, Melissa will be available to sign FOR FREE anything brought for her to sign.

DON’T MISS our “Being a Walker” Live Panel: Melissa will talk about her zombie experiences on the Walking Dead “We the Zombie” panel with fellow zombie actor Chris Burns and Walking Dead Makeup Artist Miracole Burns.

Sailor Moon’s JENNIFER CIHI, Singer and Voice Actress:

Jennifer Cihi is the English dub singing voice of Sailor Moon on both the animated series and on the CD recording, including the songs: My Only Love, Power of Love, and Carry On. She was in Broadway’s national tour of Annie and a cast member on Nickelodeon’s TV hit Roundhouse. Jennifer also provided vocals for the animated film Princess Mononoke.


Jennifer will perform her music from Sailor Moon and other songs at a convention-ending concert celebration on Saturday Night. This is a once in a lifetime chance to hear the magic of Sailor Moon in person!

Cosplay Expert MIRACOLE BURNS, Model, Actress, and Artist:

Model, Film/TV Costumer, Professional Makeup Artist, Cosplayer and self-proclaimed “Uber Nerd”, Miracole Burns is a true renaissance woman. Examples of Miracole’s makeup work can be found on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Adult Swim, the Latin Grammy Awards, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, and in countless other films, print, commercials and runways across the US. However, Miracole is best known for her vast assortment of custom designed comic costumes featured on her Facebook fan page: The Visual Insanity of Miracole Burns

DON’T MISS Miracole’s appearance on our “Being a Walker” panel and as one of the judges for the Friday Night’s amazing Cosplay Contest!

The Walking Dead’s CHRIS BURNS, Actor:

Chris Burns is known for his work as “Cannibal Mike”, aka “the dude that eats Bob’s leg”, on The Walking Dead, as well as his zombie work for the same series. He’s also known for his hilarious portrayal of “Hawkeye” on the parody series Avengers Assemble! (2010), and as an actor on Return of the Jackalope (2006) and The Internship (2013).

DON’T MISS Chris in the “Being a Walker” panel and as the Host of the Friday night’s exciting Cosplay Contest!



Drew Geraci began his comic book art career in 1994. His work is published internationally by DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, Dark Horse, IDW, Crossgen Comics, Golden Books and more. Works include JLA, JSA, Batman, Nightwing, Final Crisis, Future’s End, Thor, Birds of Prey, Green Lantern Corps, Captain America, Star Wars, Sojourn, Mass Effect, Spider-Man and promotional art for the movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s The Avengers. In 2015, he authored the first of his novel series, The Demands, based on a fictional Pittsburgh indie rock band who performs at bars owned by the Russian Mob. The Demands Book Two: B-Sides was recently released and available on Amazon. Currently he does private commissions while working on The Demands Book Three. He does free signings and sells art prints, sketches and books all day both days of the show. See his website HERE.

DON’T MISS – Drew signing books for free both days of the show!


Marvel Comics colorist Andy Troy will be signing for free both days of the show. Here’s a list of his amazing work for Marvel! He will also be selling prints of his work.


Archie Comics Betty & Veronica & Josie & the Pussycats Cover Artist. He’ll be signing for free both days of the show. He will also be selling prints of his work.

SUPERPOWERED STUDIOS, Nathan Massengill and Kevin Stokes

Convention host studio SuperPowered Studios #113, consisting of members Nathan Massengill and Kevin Stokes; are artists of many books from both Marvel and DC Comics, including the “Classic” Deadpool issues from Marvel, Batman, Spider-Man, the Avengers and more! Bring in your books for them to sign and see their Lowe Mill Studio!


Non-Profit Bird Educators RISE RAPTOR with Maximus the Eagle Owl:

Founded by Curt Cearley, Rise Raptor, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to the predatory birds known as raptors. Curt, an expert on these birds, will be on hand with his Eagle Owl, Maximus, explaining all about these fabulous and important creatures. See their website HERE.

DON’T MISS the chance to see a real Eagle Owl Maximus up close! Can anyone say “photo op”?!

Putting the “Rock” in “Rocket”: FOOT POUND FORCE, Nerd Band Extraordinaire

No less than the Official Band of Huntsville Comic Con, the wild and crazy guys from Foot Pound Force will be performing BOTH DAYS of the show! Foot Pound Force is a power trio nerd rock band that explores and explains science, fandom, and pop culture. The Band will also feature host the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rocket Scientists” Concert and Talk on the intersections of science and music in our Space Exploration Friday events.


N.A.C.C.: North Alabama Cosplayers Club

The North Alabama Cosplayers Club, or NACC, will be on hand both days of the convention with a cosplay repair station and information on their amazing organization that promotes Cosplay in North Alabama (and quite a bit beyond). The Huntsville Comic Con thanks President Josh Harrison and Vice President Christine Menees for all their help with the Cosplay events at the convention. See John Harrison as a Cosplay Contest judge at Friday night’s Cosplay Contest!




Les is the author or co-author of multiple popular science and science fiction books. Check out the amazing books on his Amazon Author’s Page.


Writer of “The Deciders” comic book series. For more about this actress, glamour model, and comic book writer, see her BIO and her website:


Taylor Holt is the owner of, an independent webcomic artist at, & Copic certified blogger.


Author of “The Disney Difference”. For more about Wayne and his books, see his website HERE.


L.W. Allen is a comic book writer/artist. He is currently working on “Fourth Life” and “Black Specks”


Venetian Eve – by Eve Milady. Eve Milady is an illustrator and romance novelist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her debut publication, “The Clockwork Captain’s Bride,” is a steampunk pirate romance novel based on her 2011 project. She has also illustrated and written an assortment of children’s books/How to Draw activity books that can be found at Dollar Tree, Target, 5Below, and Walmart. Eve is a fandom-enthusiast, and enjoys sharing her romance themed art and papercraft sculptures at conventions. Visit Eve on Instagram – @Venetian_Eve


Ben is an animator, illustrator, and comic artist with a huge passion for horror movies, great storytelling, and bombastic art. He works as an animator at the Magnetic Dreams studio in Nashville, Tennessee, working on projects for Sesame Street, Marvel, Coca-Cola, and individual clients. He is the illustrator, and concept developer for the independent comic “The Ballad of Dean Rockwell,” a post-apocalyptic dystopian featuring a pompadoured, shotgun/guitar wielding hero. Visit Ben on Instagram – @stoopiddrawingz


Author of “It’s All About the Hair”, an illustrated novel with practical advice for women dealing with cancer and chemotherapy. More about Marcia and her amazing story on her Bio and her website:


Tom’s pop-culture themed art, featuring everyone from Gandalf to the classic Batman can be seen on his Etsy shop: TOM CARLTON ART


Thacher E. Cleveland grew up in Montclair, NJ and upstate New York. He currently resides in Tennessee, where he writes novels (SHADOW OF THE PAST), short stories (The Winston and Churchill supernatural private investigator series) and comics (with stories in “Monstrology,” “The Book of Dragons,” and “You Are Not Alone.”). Check out his website, or Twitter (@demonweasel).



MINDGEAR LABS (feat. Rob Adams, Space Exploration Track, Chairperson), Studio 2022

MASTERMIND MODELS AND MINIATURES (feat. Clay Williams),  Studio 124

LIGHTNING AND LACE Studio 129 – Emmie Mayne, owner. Emmie is an avid cosplayer with over ten years of experience. Graduate of Industrial Design from Auburn University, her full-time Etsy shop, Lightning and Lace, is geared towards creating accessories and small props used by cosplayers the world over. Her constant wish is to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and the cosplayers who would benefit from using them, such as laser cutting and 3D printing. Find her as one of the judges for the cosplay contest on Friday night!

ARTIMAPS (feat. David Nuttall), Studio 308

THE HAPPY TUMMY Official Convention Restaurant, Studio 100

MARK SILVERBERG ART – SPECIAL OFFER for Ticket Holders: 30 minute portraits for $40, Studio 323


SUZY’s POPS – SPECIAL OFFER for POP-CULTURE THEMED POPS unique to the convention. Studio 2060


AMANDA BANKS – SPECIAL OFFER for upcycled artwork made out of paper and pop culture: 10% off for ticket holders. Studio 257


BLUE DRAGONFLY CREATIONS – SPECIAL OFFER:10% off purchases of $20 or more for ticket holders. Studio 261


ERIN MICHAEL, SILVERSMITH – Stunning hand-crafted jewelry! SPECIAL OFFER:10% off for ticket holders. Studio 128


GUADALUPE ROBINSON: Pottery and Quilting located in Railroad Car #1



OkRandom Art Studio: Check out amazing new prints in Studio 2052! Artists: Chris Wade and David Jolley


Piper and Leaf Tea Get the Official Convention Tea Jug and some of the finest tea anywhere. Studio 151


With Special Gaming Guest and Dealer, Our Neighbor THE DEEP COMICS & GAMES:

… More Forthcoming


Aardvark Tees

Hundreds of T-shirts for the Geeks and Fans of Gaming, Comics, Movie & TV, etc.

ASK Toys & More

Thousands of the Hottest Action Figures (Marvel Legends, DC Direct , Vintage & New, Variants, Etc.)

Ben’s Comics

Thousands of bargain $1.00 comics!


Anime & Pop Culture Merchandise, T-Shirts, Lanyards, Wallets, Keychains, Mugs, Paperbacks, & More!

The Deep Comics & Games

All types of Comics, Gaming, and Collectibles, located right next to Lowe Mill Arts Center!

Epoch Ellas Apothecarium

Soaps made for the Comic & Fan-Geeks . Soap shapes include Star Wars BB8 , Dragon Balls, Pokemon Balls, More!

Fantasy Art Comics

Featuring their new comic “Fierce” with comics and prints of characters from their series!

K.E. Toys

One of the largest Star Wars toys dealers in the U.S. (vintage and modern) , PLU Vintage & New Transformers, G.I.Joe, and also Comics (Hot titles and Vintage) , Comic Supplies, More!

Paintings by Dimitri

Original Acrylic Paintings and Art Prints

Posters & Comics

Hundreds of the hottest Posters ( Star Wars, Dr. Who, Anime, Comic Characters, Gaming, More!) , Pokemon Cards & Toys,  Yu Gi Oh Cards, Thousands of 2.00 Comic Books ( Batman to X-Men) , 1000’s of Skateboard Stickers, & More!

Princess Pumpkin Patch

Mixed 3D media shop that specializes in Plushies, Flower Crowns, Cross stitched items such as wall hanging, key chains, patches, and earrings, as well as hair bows and top hats.

RJ Wood Books

Comics, videos, angel pupper, cards, etc.

Steam Powered Arts

Hand made Steampunk inspired jewelry, Goggles, Steampunk Sound Box systems.

Stuff Jade Made

Custom cookie artist making cookies too pretty to eat, too tasty not to!

Super Bear Toys

Specializing in My Little Pony  (New and Vintage), Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Care Bears, Marvel, DC, Disney & more.

Tokyo Toybox

100% Licensed Anime, Video Game, and Pop Culture Merchandise!  Items include plush, pillows, figures, phone charms, key chains, lanyards, pins, grab boxes, and other fun stuff!


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