Concert Event

Rock and Roll Rocket Scientists

To cap off our exciting SPACE EXPLORATION FRIDAY, Foot Pound Force presents the “Rock and Roll Rocket Scientists” panel. In what may be the smartest, oddest con panel ever, scientist musicians will sing and tell stories about the intersection of science and music. Enjoy this musical celebration ending our Space Exploration Friday track with some filking! Come find out what it’s all about.

Here’s what David Hewitt of Foot Pound Force has to say about this panel:

“Join us as we explore the deep connection between musicianship and mathematical thinking with real rocket scientist musicians and musical scholars in this informal panel discussion that is part science and part performance.  What is a Comic Con without a Filk Circle?  This is a unique Huntsville flavor to add to that musical heritage.”

Stop by this concert then head right over to the exciting Cosplay Contest!

WHAT: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rocket Scientists Concert & Talk

WHO: Hosts:  Foot Pound Force

Panelists/ Performers include:

59 Minutes – a rock band consisting of NASA and Boeing engineers working their day jobs in the space program.

Dr. Melody Ng – Professor of Piano at UAH and scholarly expert on the phenomenon relating to the high correlation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers being musicians.

Robert Bijvoet – Retired Boeing Aerospace Engineer with experience in the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs and a highly-talented piano player.

WHERE: This event will be held in the Workshop Classroom on the second floor of the North Wing of Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment on February 10th from 6 to 8 pm.

COST: It is FREE to all ticket holders.